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This portion of the web site is still under construction.
If you are looking for information on how you might obtain my services,
for portraits as pictured in the Art Gallery, or for any Web services; be
it for web site-graphic design or web construction, consultation on web
page custruction, domain names, or web hosting, please email me.

I would like to also mention that, as far as the computer and web side of
things go, I cater to the customer who knows nothing of these services,
who is likely to never purchase or hire web designers, or web hosting out
simply due to a lack of knowledge in these areas. If you are schooled in
computers, and know your way around these areas, then all you'll get from
me outside of a unique, and "outside of the box" web site design, is
my personal attention to making your site like you want it.

Some of the sites I have designed and maintain are:


Pencil Art